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Well, e-mail (as it is commonly known) or electronic mail simply refers to the transmission of messages over electronic communication networks such as the internet. Typically, these messages in question are simply notes which are entered from the keyboard or better yet electronic files stored on disks. In fact, most mainframes, mini computers and other high profiled computer networks all have an email system. As strange as it may sound, there are some electronic mail systems which are confined to a single computer system or network, while there are others which have gateways to other computer systems and as a result allowing users to send out electronic mail anywhere in the world. Just so you know, many of the companies which are already well established and fully computerized make extensive use of the email because it is fast, reliable and extremely flexible. In spite of all of the above, do not let anything about email baffle or confuse you, this is because email is simply a straight forward way of letter writing. - Email Check Online

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An overview of the Typical Components of an Email System
Many of the presently available email systems have a rudimental text editor which is what is used in the composition of messages. Interesting thing is many of these allow you to even edit your messages using any editor which you want. In fact, there are even other systems which will even allow you to take advantage of basic formatting options such as bold, font color adjustment, italic and HTML. Email programs are designed to allow you send messages to recipients by specifying the recipient's address. In addition to the above, you can also be able to send the same message to several users at the same time by simply providing their individual email address in a process commonly referred to as broadcasting. When it comes to using email, all sent messages are usually automatically stored in the electronic mail box right until the recipient fetches them. In case you are interested in seeing if you have any new emails, all you simply need to do is to check the electronic mailbox from time to time. You will be glad to learn that there are many systems which can be set to alert you when a mail is received. Also, after reading your email, you can proceed to store it in a text file, forward it to other users or even delete it completely. In the event that your email is a copy of a memo, you can easily print it out on a printer in case you would like to have a paper copy.
Email Provided by Online Services and ISPs
Internet service providers and all other online services offer email. In fact, many of them even support gateways so that you can exchange mail s with other users using other alternative systems. You will also be glad to learn that normally it usually takes a few seconds or in the worst case scenario a matter of minutes for emails to arrive to its destination regardless of the email format. Just so you know, sending emails has been pointed out as one of the most effective ways to communicate with a group since you can easily broadcast a single message or document to everyone in the group in one go. Take note, even though different email systems make use of different formats, there are a few emerging standards which have made it possible for users on all systems to be able to exchange messages. For instance, in the PC world, an important email standard is MAPI. The CCITT standards organization developed the X.400 standard with the sole intension of providing a universal way of address messages. You will be glad to learn that to date, though, the de factor addressing standard is the one which is used by the internet system mainly because almost all email systems now have an internet gateaway. Some of the benefits of email include: a. Convenience: you can easily draft and later on send your email from a mobile device without having to worry about stamps, envelopes and tariffs. b. Speed - emails take a very short time (few seconds) to arrive regardless of where in the world it is destined. c. Attachments - you will also be able to attach files from your computer into your email message regardless of the type of size d. Accessibility - emails can easily be stored conveniently in the email program. There are very good programs which will make it extremely easy to organize archive and even search for your emails e. Cost efficiency - besides the fee you pay for accessing the internet, sending and receiving emails is virtually free. Email systems are however faced with a big problem -Spam-, this is a host of unsolicited emails which are sent in huge numbers and usually end up clogging mail servers as well as email programs.
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